Efficient, Paperless Account Opening
for Banks and Credit Unions

  • 1

    Cut time to account open by reducing the number of steps to open an account by 70%, so customers and staff members can open accounts in 10 minutes or less.

  • 2

    Reduce error rates and costly rework by digitizing, centralizing, and automating your account opening, transfer, and approval processes.

  • 3

    Increase revenue by giving staff time to get to know new customers, uncovering and documenting cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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  • Mobile-Friendly Interface

    Mobilize client-facing branch staff to open new accounts, paper-free at your customer’s convenience, with a tablet-friendly web-based interface.

  • Intelligent Data Reuse

    Ask questions once, then reuse the data automatically. Add in integrations with banking, credit bureau and CRM data and some questions never need to be asked again.

  • Umbrella Product Support

    Save costs and increase wallet share, by opening multiple products in a single pass. Add in Doxim Loan Origination and you can also process loan applications at the same time.

  • Open Any Account Type

    Open any account type, from basic checking and savings accounts to term deposits and registered contracts.

  • Self-Serve Capabilities

    Empower your digitally savvy customers to open new accounts anywhere, anytime, in 10 minutes or less via their PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Built-in Regulatory Checks

    Ensure you complete and document all required checks to meet regulatory obligations; from verifications against regulatory lists, to performing Fintrac assessments.

Why Doxim Account Opening?

Account opening software that builds stronger relationships

Cloud-based and mobile friendly, Doxim Account Opening helps open accounts in just a few minutes, at the customer's convenience, whether in-branch, via a call center or self-serve online.
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Make A Better First Impression

• Identify and document valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities
• Reduce error rates and time to account approval
• Turn prospects into customers on the spot with anytime, anywhere account opening
• Gather data to tailor future communications to interests, goals, and life stages
• Enjoy quick and cost-effective implementation