Best-In-Class Document Services:
Statements, Reports, Secure Delivery, and more!

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    Improve customer experience with better looking, easier to understand statements and other documents delivered through preferred channels, securely, and right on time

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    Transform your transactional documents into cross-sell and upsell vehicles with integrated 1:1 marketing zones for personalized outreach

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    Reduce costs and make access to statements quick and convenient with eStatements, made available securely through your online portal 24/7

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  • Perfect Timing & Efficiency

    Deliver timely, accurate statements and notices, and rest assured that every step of the process is performed with efficiency and quality.

  • Automatic eNotifications

    Automatically notify clients via email when statements, confirms and other documents become available for online access.

  • Targeted Statement Marketing

    Improve the effectiveness of your marketing by placing personalized, relevant marketing messages directly onto statements.

  • Modern, Engaging Statements

    Redesign your statements with help from our experts. Enhance customer experience with easy to read, colorful statements and communicate your brand value in print and online.

  • Secure, 24/7 eStatements

    Save money and enhance your customer service by making it easy for customers to access their electronic statements online securely 24/7.

  • One Vendor for Print & eDelivery

    Reduce costs and streamline operations by moving to a single vendor for all your print and eDelivery needs. Benefit from our omni-channel expertise and ensure a consistent look online and in print.

Why Doxim CCM?

Doxim Customer Communications Management Solutions (Doxim CCM)

See why thousands of customers choose Doxim as their trusted partner for all their Customer Communications Management needs. Doxim has an integrated approach to CCM that covers it all, from composition and secured storage to omnichannel delivery of all your statements and business-critical documents.

Secure, Reliable, Certified

We settle for nothing less than the best practices in the industry and latest security protocols. By undergoing rigorous certification examinations, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of care for our partners. Our certifications allow us to prove our dedication to the safety of your data.

AICPA certification
AICPA certification
FFEIC certification
SSAE 16 type 2 certification