Loan Origination Solution Built for Modern Financial Institutions

  • 1

    One integrated, configurable solution. Retail or commercial, all loan applications are handled through the same streamlined interface, to help meet the needs of your entire customer base and improve productivity.

  • 2

    Digital experience. Staff and customers alike expect paperless, efficient, fast loan application processing experience, and Doxim LOS will enable you to meet these expectations.

  • 3

    Ecosystem of integrations. From insurance, lien searches, to e-signature providers, Doxim Loan Origination has pre-built integrations to key technology providers that make paperless lending possible.

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  • Retail & Commercial

    Meet the needs of all borrowers with the essential features and workflows that speak to their unique needs, specialized approvals, securitization, or exception processes.

  • Mobile Paperless Lending

    Mobilize your lenders and process loans paper-free at your customers’ convenience, anytime, anywhere with our new user-friendly interface and e-signature capability.

  • Enhanced Financial View

    Give lenders a holistic view of your customer’s financial statements so they can make sophisticated lending decisions based on a complete understanding of the customer’s finances.

  • 360 Degree View of Borrower

    From the loan or deal summary, to details on current exposure and business financial statements history, your lenders are empowered to make well-informed decisions.

  • Automated Decision Engine

    Lenders can make the right decision quickly and ensure compliance with credit policy by receiving a pass or fail loan funding recommendation based on a customizable lending matrix.

  • Intelligent Form Pre-Population

    Easily pull data from your banking system and 3rd party loan-related service providers to pre-fill loan applications. This process reduces keying errors and speeds up loan fulfillment.

  • Configurable Solution

    Streamline lending processes with distinct configurations for retail and commercial loan products, user-friendly commenting capabilities, and flexible deal securing options.

  • Multi-Product Loan Applications

    Increase wallet share while reducing costs by processing multiple connected loans within a single application and securing them all with common collateral.

  • CRM Integration

    Never miss a revenue opportunity. Document future lending needs uncovered during loan processing with the only loan origination system that integrates directly into a CRM.

Why Doxim Loan Origination?

Loan Origination Solution Designed to Meet All Your Needs

The retail and commercial lending processes are complex, but managing them, increasing your lenders’ productivity and improving your customer experience don’t have to be. Drawing on our more than 15 years of industry experience, Doxim’s LOS solution is built specifically to cater to the complex needs of modern lenders in banks and credit unions.

Doxim LOS Helps You Grow

• One integrated, scalable solution for retail and commercial lending
• Enhance productivity, reduce error-rate, and minimize costs
• Deliver digital, modern, paperless experience to borrowers
• Free up lenders’ time to build relationships and sell more loans
• Enable mobile lending to meet customers where they are
• Enjoy quick and cost-effective implementation