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Make omni-channel banking a reality by taking digital prospects from click-to-complete in under 5 minutes with the NEW Doxim Self-Service Account & Loan Origination​

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A Robust Self-Serve Solution For All Your Digital Origination Needs​
  • Recover Abandoned Applications

    Automatically feed abandoned or incomplete applications into recovery campaigns through Doxim CRM, to encourage prospects to complete their application or explore other products.

  • Real-Time ID Verification

    Digitally verify your client’s identity through multiple checks including photo id capture, document verification and facial biometrics.

  • Originate Loans and Accounts in a Single Flow​

    With both loan and account modules, consumers can originate any product type, from basic checking and savings accounts to loans or lines of credit

  • Real-Time Funding and Approvals

    Customers can get instant approvals with straight through processing supported by core banking system integrations and can digitally fund their accounts through a variety of options including credit card, EFT and Interac.

  • Multi-Product Support​

    Supports shopping cart style product “vault” to select multiple FI products during a single session.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Defend against fraud through Doxim’s unique social biometric processes which provide complex user scoring and user authentication analysis.

  • Omnichannel Support​

    Give customers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between their channel of choice (online, phone, or in branch) to complete an application by leveraging the direct integration to Doxim User-Assisted Account and Loan Origination.

  • Joint Applications

    Offer customers the convenience of submitting joint applications even while each applicant is remote from one another.

  • Account Feature Switching (Coming Soon)

    Customers can quickly transfer direct deposit and recurring payments so you can instantly become their primary financial institution.

Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination can help you:​ ​

  • • Improve customer experience by serving your customers 24/7, when and where they want using the channel of their choice.​
  • • Experience accelerated digital growth by immediately converting web-traffic leads to customers​
  • • Create low friction, digital first journeys that significantly reduce digital abandonment rates​
  • • Mitigate risk and prevent fraud AI based user identity scoring​
  • • Increase customer-to-product ratios with in-app cross sell capabilities